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If you clicked here, that means you are interested in helping out and you have just taken the first step..CONGRATULATIONS! You are on your way...

Committees are now being formed and volunteers are NEEDED for the following:

Concession Stand -  We would like to make yours and our opponents day at the field more comfortable and enjoyable with the ability to serve Gatorade, water and lite snacks. 

Your help is critically needed to help staff and/or help manage this to make it a realilty.  WE CAN NOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP

SCORE KEEPER - keep score on the sideline during games

FIELD CLEANUP - Help clean up bottles and other flotsam and jetsam left behind after games

End of Season Banquet - The season ending banquet is usually held during the second week of June. Volunteers are needed to setup and clean up, among other things.

If you are interested in providing some much needed assistance in these areas please email Pete Cagno at .

We can not do it without your help. thx

Message from the former Secretary:

We understand that families have more than one child, are involved in more than one sport and time constraints sometimes dictate what we are able do, however instead of dropping your child off 45 minutes or an hour before his game and leaving maybe that would be an ideal time to help out. Talk amongst the parents on your child's team if two of you each take time before your game to help out you've given some time to the club and your child has seen you helping out. What's better than that? We want your child to come back to the club during their high school career and help coach. I'm sure you see the young men and women giving up their free time night after night to help out, that's called giving back to your community

This club has grown to almost 300 kids (starting in Kindergarten and going to 8th grade), and most of the names that I have been given are the same names that repeatedly help and give of themselves selflessly. We are looking to add new names and new faces. At some point the "old fall back families" will be out of the club.
In my opinion I have never worked with more caring group of people in any youth sport that I have ever been associated with. That is why I still volunteer my time for the club.
As for the rest of the Board members, I feel confident that I can speak for them as well. We want your child to enjoy this experience, develop his/her skills, play at the High School level and hopefully move onto a college field.
Joanne Trust