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Instructional Clinic

For Boys K-1 and Girls K-2

Headed by Coach Doug Quinn


The Instructional Clinic is designed to be a no pressure, fun way of learning about lacrosse. The time and financial commitment are limited, so families who want to try something new can do so without having to sacrifice too much from their schedule or their checkbook. Players can get a feel for what lacrosse is all about without having to quit other sports you may be enjoying..
- No pads, no contact; just sticks and soft rubber balls.
- Clinic will focus on teaching your child the basic skills of lacrosse, with emphasis on team building, and self-esteem boosting activities in line with the Positive Coaching Alliance model (see below for more info on the PCA).

When: Clinic will be held once a week, 1.5 hrs on Saturdays for 8 weeks throughout April and May.
Where: Walnut Street
Elementary School, Toms River.
Cost: Returning players $50, New Players $75. Cost Includes Stick, T-shirt, soft rubber ball, and US Lacrosse registration.

Parents are permitted, and even encouraged, to participate. We have found that when a parent gets involved, your child has a much higher level of confidence and sense of well being on the field. Overall, lacrosse is a much more enjoyable experience when it is a family activity. You can get involved either as an assistant coach, team mom/dad, or even just stay and network with the coaches and the other families during practice.

Families with 1st grade boys will have the choice of playing on the K-1 clinic or playing full gear lacrosse in the Small Ball program. It is your choice and you should base it on your child's hand eye coordination, athletic ability, and level of confidence.


The PCA Mission:

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a nonprofit organization based at
Stanford University with the mission to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth. PCA was created to transform the culture of youth sports to give all young athletes the opportunity for a positive, character-building experience.
We have three national goals:
1) To replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with the "Double-Goal Coach" who wants to win but has a second, more important, goal of using sports to teach life lessons;
2) To teach youth sports organization leaders how to create an organizational culture in which Honoring the Game is the norm; and
3) To spark and fuel a "social epidemic" of Positive Coaching that will sweep this country.
There are many people in this nation who want to change the culture of youth sports, but they do not feel equipped to do so. Positive Coaching Alliance has developed practical tools to change the culture of youth sports and is making them available to coaches, parents, league organizers and others who will fire this movement.

* See the "Links" section of the TR Lax website for more info on the PCA.

**** Note; This is the eighth year of this clinic and we designed it from scratch. If you have a background or education in Early Childhood Development, please contact me at the email listed above.